How is Memcached Server installed?

Memcached server(s) is source compiled from official gzipped tarball download and is installed by default. Read FAQ as to why source compiled vs RPM. If you want to use Redis server instead, check out how to install it via Remi YUM repository.

Memcached Statistics

There is various ways to get your Memcached server statistics that are outlined on the Centmin Mod community forums.

How to disable Memcached server ?

If you do not use Memcached server, you can disable it via the following commands in SSH telnet

  service memcached stop

  chkconfig memcached off

To re-enable Memcached server, via the following commands in SSH telnet

  service memcached start

  chkconfig memcached on

Memcache / Memcached PHP Extensions

If you choose to install Memcached server(s), Centmin Mod will install both Memcache and Memcached PHP extensions along with Libmemcached (Centmin Mod v1.2.3-eva2000.01 and higher).

How to change Memcached allocated memory size ?

To increase or decrease Memcached server's allocated memory size, you will need to edit /etc/init.d/memcached start up file's MEMSIZE=8 variable. The variable assigns memory in MegaBytes (MB), so MEMSIZE=8 is equal to 8MB. If you want to allocate 256MB to Memcached server(s), then edit and change variable to MEMSIZE=256 and then restart memcached server:

  service memcached restart

or via command shortcut


If memcachedrestart shortcut doesn't work, you can re-add it via these 3 commands to be run within SSH telnet as root user:

 echo "service memcached stop" >/usr/bin/memcachedstop ; chmod 700 /usr/bin/memcachedstop
 echo "service memcached start" >/usr/bin/memcachedstart ; chmod 700 /usr/bin/memcachedstart
 echo "service memcached restart" >/usr/bin/memcachedrestart ; chmod 700 /usr/bin/memcachedrestart