@yourdomain.com Email Hosting Providers

Previously Outlook Live Domains and Google Apps provided free @yourdomain.com email hosting. However, that is no longer the case. The below are alternative @yourdomain.com email hosting providers you can use with your Centmin Mod LEMP stack hosted domains - some are free like Zoho Mail while others are paid email hosting providers.

There's also benefits of off loading email hosting to a third party provider in terms of portability, security, reliability and using less local server resources for the handling and storage of emails. Portability wise, when switching VPS or dedicated servers your @yourdomain.com email service is uninterrupted. Local resource wise, you'll use less disk and/or MySQL database storage for your emails depending on how local email storage is configured.

Reliability and security wise, using third party @yourdomain.com email hosting providers has benefits - especially if you intend to use https SSL for your domain (HTTPS as a Google ranking signal) as domain validated SSL certificates also need verification via @yourintendedhttpsdomain.com email address to process your SSL certificate orders as well as for SSL certificate renewals further down the track.

Forum discussion for @yourdomain.com email hosting alternatives here.

@yourdomain Email Providers List

Free Zoho Mail Email Provider

For Centmin Mod LEMP users looking for free @yourdomain.com email hosting, I recommend checking out Zoho Mail. They have both free and paid @domain.com email hosting plans and are very easy to setup and have accompanying iOS and Android mobile apps for email. You can read the Zoho Mail email setup information posted on the official Centmin Mod community forums.

Zoho Mail Android App Zoho Mail Android App